About Us

Who We Are

Established in 1920, Sugar Land Masonic Lodge is comprised of Freemasons from right here in Sugar Land to all parts across the globe. We have approximately 180 members and are one of the fastest-growing lodges in the Greater Houston area.   We are your neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends.  As Freemasons, we come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and religions. The common bonds that we all share are that we are good men, we share a belief in a Supreme Being, and we share a desire to better ourselves and our community.

Officers of Sugar Land Masonic Lodge

2023 - 2024 Masonic Year

Worshipful Master - Robert A. Rodgers

Senior Warden - Matthew D. Woodard

Junior Warden - Oscar M. Ochoa

Treasurer - Christopher M. Choat, P.M.

Secretary - David C. Berndt, P.M.

Chaplain - Sammy N. Larbi, P.M.

Senior Deacon - Thad M. Olive

Junior Deacon - Laberto D. Ortega, Jr.

Marshal - Michael V. Tunnell, P.M.

Master of Ceremonies - J. Michael Threadgill, P.M.

Senior Steward - Amaury G.P. Lendasse

Junior Steward - John D. Garnett, P.M.

Tiler - Everett J. Hinote, P.M.